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Little Fighter 2 : About, Download and Mods

Little Fighter 2 adalah versi kedua dari fighting game yang simple dan juga sangat menarik, game ini dibuat pada tahun 1999 oleh dua programmer hebat yaitu Marti Wong dan Starsky Wong. Game ini popular karena peraturan yang sederhana dan memungkinkan untuk bermain multiplayer bersama temanmu sampai 8 orang.

Character :

He can send bats to attack the enemy or wound them by use of laser/energy.
In good hands this hero is able to defeat everyone. When you fight against him you should be prepared to tough clash.
It’s a fabulous warrior. He has a wide range of useful abilities connected to the way of his fight.
He has several good abilities. He can beat bigger enemies with a series of quick strokes.
In fight he burns the opponents to ashes with fire balls. He has a lot of abilities useful in extermination. The explosion is particularly effective.
It’s an effect of combining Firen and Freeze. It’s a powerful character. His spells are always useful during the fight.
It’s a very useful character who can kill quite a lot opponents with only one spell. He can conjure a frozen sword.
He differs from other characters because he doesn’t fight in close combat. He uses bow from a safe distance.
Jack, just like the Monk uses hand-to-hand combat. He can attack with both – kick in the air and bullet.
She should belong to every team. But why? Because she is able to cure all team members with only one spell.
He is a talented sorcerer, who is able to cure wounded comrade. He could beat more opponents without any problems.
You’ll meet this creature at the end of Stage Mode. He possesses a great power. It’s really difficult to defeat him.
A smaller version of Julian. He doesn’t belong to the most powerful and fastest characters, but he has two great abilities.
His armor withstands the most powerful attacks. He can transform into Louis EX. (Read Trick&Tips if you want to know how to do this).
Louis EX
When Louis pulls off his armor he transforms into Louis EX. He is the fastest hero in the game. He uses spear as a weapon. When he runs he takes the spear in front of him which injures enemies.
He is a typical boxer. It means that he has no magic abilities, but his shoulder punch is great. It’s a pity that he is slow and has a short jump.
This monk is a good warrior. Unfortunately he has only one ability. He always comes in handy during the fight.
This character doesn’t get close to the opponents but he throws shurikens (metal stars) into them.
Mysterious character who’s not bad in using magic. He can cure himself and others.
It is one of the most powerful characters in the game. He has no difficulty in beating a large group of enemies. He is a real acrobat.

Cheat :
Unlock All Character :
  1. Buka Program Little Fighter 2 versi apa saja
  2. Pilih Mode yg ingin kamu mainkan (Contoh: Stage Mode)
  3. Sebelum menekan enter untuk memilih karakter, ketikkan lf2.net
  4. Agan akan mendengar musik sesuatu yang berarti cheat berhasil
  5. Tekan enter untuk memilih karakter dan lihatlah apa yang terjadi
Tricks :
Firzen :
Firzen adalah gabungan dari firen dan freeze. Untuk bermain sebagai firzen, firen dan freeze harus menyisakan darahnya hingga 25%, lalu ketika mereka mendekat maka munculah firzen dengan ledakan es dan api.

Louis Ex :
Untuk bermain sebagai Louis ex, agan harus menyisakan darah Louis sampai 33% dan tekan D+J+A atau Ctrl+Shift+Enter.

Julian :
Ketika Julian sedang menggunakan jurus ledakan big bang, firen harus melakukan big bang juga (D+Up+J), lalu firen akan berubah menjadi Julian.

Downloads :

Full Little Fighter :
Little Fighter 2 v2.0a
Little Fighter 2 v1.9c

Characters :
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Mods :
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Website :
Kaskus Official Thread : http://livebeta.kaskus.co.id/thread/000000000000000005784682/982795521769175817692972-little-fighter-2--pc-fighting-mini-games-updated-297217691758176995529827/1

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